FC Barcelona Players and Rakuten Europe come together to find out “Who is Most Likely To”

In a new series called “Most Likely To”, FC Barcelona players are quizzed how well they know their teammates and who they think will most likely do something using Rakuten services Viber, Kobo, Rakuten TV, and Shopping.

FC Barcelona Players play Most Likely To with Rakuten Europe
FC Barcelona Players play Most Likely To

Ever wondered who of the FC Barcelona players is most likely to be enthusiastic about discounts? And who is most likely to know all the online shopping trends? And who is most likely to cry watching a movie?

In the five episodes of the new content series “Most Likely To” the players of FC Barcelona are quizzing each other using Rakuten services in the region. Rakuten Kobo, Rakuten Viber, Rakuten TV, and the shopping platforms Club Rakuten, Rakuten France, and the shopping platforms in Spain and Germany are part of the game.

The results are entertaining, but watch for yourself:

Rakuten Growth in Europe

Rakuten has already been a market leader in Japan, when the innovative internet service company entered Europe in 2010. Rakuten’s international profile rose significantly after the acquisition of French e-commerce leader PriceMinister, now known as Rakuten France and one of the leading marketplaces of Rakuten.

Shortly after, in 2012, Rakuten acquired video-on-demand streaming service Wuaki.TV and rebranded the platform a few years later to Rakuten TV. The service is now available in 43 markets across Europe.

Another important acquisition took place in 2014, when Viber, the instant messaging service, joined Rakuten’s ecosystem.

Over the last 10 years, Rakuten’s services in Europe, which include Rakuten Kobo, Rakuten Viber and Rakuten TV, have seen a significant boost in awareness, activations and growth.

Rakuten and FC Barcelona

In 2016, Rakuten became the Main Global Entertainment and first-ever Global Innovation and Entertainment Partner of legendary soccer team FC Barcelona. The partnership was a first step in powering increased global awareness for Rakuten around the world, and especially in Europe.

FC Barcelona’s Head of Partnership Activation, Judith Rubinat, shared, “A recent survey has shown that awareness of Rakuten as a brand is now at 84% amongst Barça fans, up from 32% before the partnership. Just as importantly, Culers have a strong positive sentiment of the Rakuten brand and the FC Barcelona partnership — and 31% of our respondents state that they intend to purchase a Rakuten product in the next 12 months.”

And Rubinat adds: “Quite simply, we are here to entertain — whether that is through football at Camp Nou, reading on a Kobo e-reader, or watching the Matchday documentary on Rakuten TV. Content creation is no different.”

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